Parents Night Out!

Every Friday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Looking for an opportunity to have a few free minutes to yourself or with a friend. Bring your littles in for a fun active play group with mindful works and arts and crafting adventures. Sign up for Fridays of each month and save. Email or call today for registration! 25 dollars drop-in with prior sign up or save with a monthly pass.


Soulful Sisters

This is a class offered for pre-teens. (Teens and young adults Soulful Sisters offered later in the season.) We will work together in a safe space in creating a sisterhood that is strong support as one another journeys through this 6 week course or perhaps even become friends for a lifetime. Email or call for registration!

Pre Teens ~10:30-11:30am ~9-13yrs


Mindful Movers

Mindful Movers ages 5-10y olds coming together to enjoy in stretching and mindful movement all while playing along to music with dancing and balancing and just all around fun full body movement. 15 dollars, call or email to register today.

5-7yrs 12:00-1:00pm

8-10yrs 1:30-2:30pm


Mindful Monsters

Sundays 3pm to 4 pm

Raising strong fierce opinionated little monsters is one of the best things we can be doing for the future of this planet Earth. This monthly group meets to discuss, debate and take action on our worlds current events. Social Justice is something special we have a right to come together as a community to make a difference. Our littles have the biggest hearts to make the biggest change let us support them by helping build community through workshops providing tools to make a difference.


Growing Goddess

Sundays 4:30 om to 5:30 pm

This is a class for 7-12 year old girls learning to be fierce advocating goddesses not only for herself but the world she lives in. With a Yoga inspired curriculum surrounded by mindful studies and crafting we will journey through this six week course building a confidence within ourselves and instilling in those around us the power of free thinking thoughtful spoken words. Email or give us a call for registration!


Teen Yoga


Teens are taught the Yogic principals giving them a stronger nervous system in order to move through life with less anxiety, stress and depression becoming more of who they truly are as they grow Rooted into there community.