Earth Peace School

Tuesdays 9-12 and Thursdays 9-12

EarthPeace and Rooted Space work hand in hand in hopes of reaching others with planting seeds of mindfulness in the gardens of their own lives and in the lives of the children they nurture. By working together our hopes are for you, your family, community, work and school reap a rich fulfillment of peace contentment and togetherness building a stronger, rooted unity with all.

“Anytime we need it the energy of mindfulness will be there for us.”

Mindfulness is a very affective response to stress and enhances the neurological process called “creative function,” or the ability to organize tasks, manage time, set priorities, and make decisions.

With EarthPeace and Rooted Space we accomplish this practice through yoga play. With our curriculum surrounded around the joy of the child, we include games, movement and rhythm with imagination allowing the child to fully understand the capabilities of ones own body. As a class we build a community through practicing and learning that our words and actions create vibrations and energy that affects one another, like a ripple on the water. Please join us this Fall, register today space is limited. Fall, Winter, Spring sessions available, sign up for the entirety and save. Scholarships and financial aid available for those who qualify call or email for more information. Larger group setting including two mindful teachers both sensory and mind body work involved within this class. If you are a teacher or school interested in integrating this program into your weekly curriculum for the fall, reach out, spaces are filling up with community preschools registering now.