Chrystal fell in love with Yoga over 20 years ago after watching a yoga video in her small town of Kingman Arizona. From that moment on, yoga became a huge part of her life. Her love for yoga and becoming a yoga teacher stayed with her as she became a mother of four amazing souls. Knowing that one day she would teach, she stayed patient and kept practicing as much as she could while raising her children. After losing her beloved brother to Chemo and having to deal with her own severe health challenges at a very young age, she became empowered through natural medicine, whole foods, body work, meditation and yoga to heal herself. Through her own healing and challenges, she was led to become a practitioner of Bowen Therapy in 2004, an NVC relationship coach and then later in 2010 a Licensed Massage Therapist. In 2018, Chrystal’s dream of becoming a yoga teacher became a reality after graduating through Yoga West as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. In 2019 she traveled to Rishikesh, India, (The Yoga Capital of The World) to become a certified Sattva Yoga teacher under her Guru, “Anand Mehorta.” She is already planning her second trip to India to further her teachings and stay connected to her Beloved Sattva Community and the potent teachings. Chrystal believes that the greatest healer is our own SELF, and yoga is a path to our True Self. Her clarity, radiance, magnetism, heart, extended knowledge and resilience is fully felt as a true embodiment of her nature.

Pavan Shiva Singh

Pavan Shiva Singh began his disciplined spiritual practice over 20 years ago in martial arts. After receiving his black belt in Shurit-ti, and his teachers blessing, he opened up a martial arts studio in Creswell Oregon. His focus was working with low income families. Being a proud father of two, he understood the importance of teaching a form of fun spiritual discipline that could give the children a sense of purpose. Soon he started to branch out to other forms of healing learning Reiki, sound therapy, and becoming a Practitioner through The Center for Spiritual Living. In 2018, Pavan began his journey to India based on his deep love and curiosity of Yoga and the true Vedic Wisdom. In 2019, Pavan received his training in the Himalayan mountains under his Beloved Guru, Anand Mehortra. His teachings include Raja (yoga of meditation), Bahkti (yoga of devotion), Gyana (yoga of wisdom), Karama (yoga of liberation and action &service), and Tantra (yoga of practice). In Pavan’s class you will be led on a personal Journey deep into your heart allowing for your fullest potential to be reached. Pavan’s love for teaching Sattva Yoga specifically is felt with deep sincerity as he believes that practicing and embodying Yoga is by far the most profound healing modality of all. Sat Chit Ananda, you are Pure Consciousness stretched out blissfully into Infinity right here, right now. 

Alex Wild, RYT 200

Alexandra Wild has been practicing yoga in Washington DC in 2004. Her practice has stayed with her on her journey and eventually she realized it to be her life path. The way she practices has changed and evolved, gotten stronger, and branched into every corner of her life. She believes that yoga unifies all aspects of life, and can be practiced for all kinds of reasons, whether to heal the body, to get in touch with the soul, to self reflect, to reduce stress, to share space with a community, or get a great workout. Yoga is powerful medicine that is far reaching, beyond explanation, and her desire is to help crack that door open for others. 

Her turning point in moving from student to teacher occurred after the death of her beloved brother Ted in 2015. She would find herself coming to her mat in desperation, and leaving it with some feeling of peace and understanding. This is the magic she hopes to pass on, and it is why she loves to teach.

In her classes, Alex loves to incorporate many types of yogic as well as other related practices—including ideas and techniques borrowed from Qi Gong, Kundalini, dance, and meditation, to name a few—and incorporate them into a well rounded vinyasa flow or hatha sequence. She likes to relate her yoga classes to natural cycles and bigger pictures, to help nurture an atmosphere of serendipity and connection. Feel free to strike up a conversation about healing herbs or plant medicines, as she is a gardener and wanna-be witch in her life off the yoga mat.