Alex Wild, RYT 200

Alexandra Wild has been practicing yoga in Washington DC in 2004. Her practice has stayed with her on her journey and eventually she realized it to be her life path. The way she practices has changed and evolved, gotten stronger, and branched into every corner of her life. She believes that yoga unifies all aspects of life, and can be practiced for all kinds of reasons, whether to heal the body, to get in touch with the soul, to self reflect, to reduce stress, to share space with a community, or get a great workout. Yoga is powerful medicine that is far reaching, beyond explanation, and her desire is to help crack that door open for others. 

Her turning point in moving from student to teacher occurred after the death of her beloved brother Ted in 2015. She would find herself coming to her mat in desperation, and leaving it with some feeling of peace and understanding. This is the magic she hopes to pass on, and it is why she loves to teach.

In her classes, Alex loves to incorporate many types of yogic as well as other related practices—including ideas and techniques borrowed from Qi Gong, Kundalini, dance, and meditation, to name a few—and incorporate them into a well rounded vinyasa flow or hatha sequence. She likes to relate her yoga classes to natural cycles and bigger pictures, to help nurture an atmosphere of serendipity and connection. Feel free to strike up a conversation about healing herbs or plant medicines, as she is a gardener and wanna-be witch in her life off the yoga mat.